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Clearly CBD

The fact that the founders of Clearly CBD have partnered with HempFlax to provide only the finest ingredients says everything.

This is a company which is committed to creating only high quality CBD products at affordable prices. The many years spent researching and developing a range of Clearly CBD goods has been time well invested. While many companies wax lyrical about only using the finest ingredients, Clearly actually does it!

The ability to monitor all CBD products from the seed to the seller, with exquisite formulations in between, is very impressive.

While the core benefits of CBD are front and centre, the company is innovative and forward thinking, adding many new products along the way. Embracing and enhancing the power of nature, Clearly Fitness CBD is proving very popular!

Clearly CBD Cream
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Balms, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Lubricant

Clearly CBD

There is a degree of confusion regarding the variations of CBD available which include isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. All Clearly Fitness CBD products are based on full-spectrum CBD which incorporates all elements of the hemp plant, including THC. For those unaware, THC is the psychoactive element of hemp, the ingredient which induces highs in strong doses. However, there is less than 0.3% of THC in full-spectrum CBD therefore you will not experience highs or any negative health impact.

Full-spectrum CBD has been the focus of many medical research programs. While CBD products are sold as food supplements, they have been shown to aid an array of ailments including:-

• Insomnia
• Pain relief
• Skincare
• Anxiety

For reference, the other forms of CBD are isolate CBD, which is pure CBD with all other elements of the hemp plant removed. Then we have broad-spectrum CBD, which incorporates everything except the THC element. Again, it is important to reiterate the minute elements of THC in full-spectrum CBD do not induce highs.

Product reviews

There is an interesting mix of CBD products on the Clearly website with a focus on quality over quantity. The full range includes:-

CBD Oils/Droplets

While the range of CBD oils available through the Clearly store is limited, they cover all requirements with regard to CBD strength. Each product page contains details on dosage, how to administer CBD oils and ingredients. Everything you need to know!

CBD Capsules

While the CBD sector has been innovative to say the least, there is still strong demand for good old-fashioned CBD capsules, now available in soft gel format. These capsules allow you to take your daily intake of CBD any time, with your morning coffee through the day or in the evening.

CBD Cream

The market for CBD cream, often referred to as CBD topicals, continues to grow apace. The Clearly selection of CBD topicals includes body cream, day cream, night cream, a skin bundle, and even foot cream. The relaxing re-energising benefits of CBD have been proven by numerous medical studies - is now the time to try?

CBD Bath Products

The Clearly Fitness CBD bath foam is an interesting addition to the CBD sector, one we have not seen before. Incorporating the numerous health benefits of CBD and green tea extracts, with its anti-inflammatory properties, would appear to be the perfect mix. Additional lime and pineapple extracts provide vitamins and minerals to revitalise the body. What a mix!

CBD Lip Balm

In a sign of further innovation by Clearly, the company also sells CBD lip balm. Customer feedback suggests the swift absorption of CBD can help soothe and moisture chapped lips. Is there no end to the innovation demonstrated by Clearly Fitness?

Packaging and labelling

The packaging and labelling of Clearly CBD products is fairly basic yet informative, colourful but subtle. The way in which the company have incorporated the information on the website and the product packaging is impressive. While there is no specific mention of recycled materials and environmentally friendly packaging, the company is committed to sustainability, which suggests this has not been forgotten.

Customer feedback

At the moment, there is no customer feedback published on either the company‘s or the TrustPilot website. Press coverage and general reviews have been positive; the company is transparent and only uses the highest quality ingredients, so we know they provide quality products. Customer feedback will no doubt follow in due course, which will add yet another string to the bow of this growing innovative CBD company.


The term “seed to seller”, published on the Clearly website, says everything about the commitment of the founding members. After spending time researching and developing products, the company only came to market when confident of delivering high quality goods.

Clearly CBD is committed to using sustainable CBD supplies, chemical free hemp plants and constant quality testing.

In summary, Clearly Fitness has a focused product range yet has shown significant innovation since inception. The website is both informative and easy to read, the online shop is clear and concise, and there is further information on the creation and the use of CBD products.

There is no doubt that Clearly CBD has put a lot of work into not only the products but also the educational side of the business. Now is the time for customers to reap the rewards!

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Clearly CBD Cream
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Balms, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Lubricant