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Cubid CBD

In the words of Cubid CBD director Danielle Nodwell, the company wants to introduce more than just a product range, the company wants to become an influencer.

Interestingly, in the ultra competitive world of CBD products, Cubid CBD has promised to share their knowledge and expertise within the CBD community. These are ambitious aspirations but what else can we expect?

Cubid CBD has also issued a range of company values on the website including mindful, personable, ambitious, transparent, expertise and quality.

In something of a rousing story, Cubid CBD is looking to influence and inspire people today to live a healthier and happier life tomorrow. While many CBD companies share similar aspirations, few are as vocal as Cubid CBD!

Cubid CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Balm, CBD Skincare

Cubid CBD

Those who follow the CBD market will be well aware there are three different types of CBD, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. The Cubid CBD range of products is based around broad spectrum CBD which includes all elements of the hemp plant with the exception of the psychoactive element THC. For the record, isolate CBD filters out everything but CBD from the hemp plant with full-spectrum CBD incorporating everything, including THC. However, the element of THC in any form of CBD will never be more than 0.3% and there are no side effects such as hallucinations. It is perfectly safe, tested and tightly regulated.

While all types of CBD are sold as a food supplement, they offer a number of well-known medical benefits for issues such as:-

• Pain relief
• Skincare health
• Anxiety
• Insomnia

There is also evidence to show that CBD can help to stabilise and improve mood swings which can be prevalent in many medical conditions. The Cubid CBD range of products is based on strong broad-spectrum CBD which is clearly defined on the product pages together with usage guidance.

CBD Product reviews

As we will cover in a moment, the product range on the Cubid CBD website is fairly focused although the company will likely expand this in due course. The range currently takes in oil drops, skincare, muscle and joint recovery, CBD sets and gift cards.

CBD Oils

In the Cubid CBD oil section there are two products available, peppermint flavour and natural flavour. While these products are available in 500 mg and 1000 mg variations, the CBD element for each bottle is 66%. To administer the CBD, simply place between four and six drops under your tongue each morning or evening and you will soon feel the benefit.

CBD Skincare

The range of CBD skincare takes in body butter, face cream and hand cream. It is important to read the product pages as each of these products are very high strength CBD. As long as you stick within the dosage guidelines, these products are extremely safe.

CBD Muscle and Joint Recovery

In recent times many CBD companies have focused their attention on muscle and joint recovery/relief. While CBD is the main ingredient, these products are also enriched with an array of other helpful essential oils.

CBD Sets

CBD product sets are growing in popularity as gifts for friends and family who may be looking to sample this new range of merchandise. The Cubid CBD set section includes names such as peace of mind, sleep deep, summer skin duo, lockdown luxuries and hemp blend face masks. Something for everybody!

CBD Gift Cards

If you are not sure what CBD product may appeal to friends and family, why not buy them a digital CBD gift card for Christmas or a special occasion?

Packaging and labelling

While Cubid CBD is able to track the CBD they use from seed to the shelf, there is no specific mention of recycled materials or environmentally friendly packaging. That said, the packaging could not be described as excessive although the company has made good use of the labelling for branding and information purposes.

Cubid CBD Customer reviews

There are very few online reviews of the CUBID CBD product range although we do know that their products are stocked by Ocado, Holland and Barrett, Cult Beauty and Feel Unique. There is some feedback on the Feefo website, averaging 3.9 out of 5, bu this is based on just seven reviews so far. As CUBID CBD becomes more recognised, it will be interesting to see more customer reviews.


It is fair to say that the CUBID CBD company mission and values on which the business is based have caught the attention of competitors and CBD users. Seeking to become an influencer, as well as a leading CBD manufacturer, the company has ambitious targets. Will they succeed?

As we await more customer feedback, it is interesting to note not only the mission and values of the company but also the current stockists.

The list current takes in Ocado, Holland and Barrett, Cult Beauty and Feel Unique. These are companies respected in the retail space and you would assume they only stock quality products. There are still some unknowns but the calibre of stockists looks extremely positive.

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Cubid CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Balm, CBD Skincare