CBD Mummy Gummies
CBD Mummy Gummies

CBD Mummy Gummies. Now With Less ‘Crunch’.

We recently caught up with Jenny who’s been trialling CBD Mummy Gummies from Canax to help with crunching knee joints.

The CBD Gummies market is one which has grown very quickly in the UK, offering the option to take CBD in a sweet form.

Jenny was the perfect person for the job, suffering her own aches and pains as a consequence of doing a lot of practical stuff, DIY and some heavy lifting.

So, what did Jenny think about the Gummies?

Can you tell us a bit about your CBD journey and experience?

Jenny: I started using Gummies a few months back, initially with the sour apple ones which I tried for a month. The initial reaction was very encouraging so I decided I wanted to give them a proper try.

I bought some strawberry Gummies and while they were nice, I prefer the sour apple Gummies from a taste perspective. Over the last few months I did actually stop taking them altogether and saw an immediate change.

I wanted to be sure that it was actually the Gummies which were helping with my aches and pains.

Why was it that you were taking them?

Jenny: I do a lot of DIY work, practical stuff which can involve heavy lifting. I’m a very physical person and injured my arm last year which was really beginning to have an effect on me.

Anyway, the pain was constant, constant, constant and I started taking the Gummies. It really just stopped hurting, which was sort of a bit unbelievable.

How quickly did it take effect?

Jenny: I would say probably after about a week. Also, I exercise regularly and my daughter had recently noticed clicking in my knee joints and crunching.

All sort of age-related and obvious wear and tear but after I started with the Gummies, she noticed that my body was making less noises. There was less clicking and crunching during and after exercising.

CBD Mummy Gummies

So, less clicking and less crunching?

Jenny: This is true, it was definitely a thing. I know that some people are taking CBD for anxiety. While I don’t find myself to be a particularly anxious person, I can occasionally get stressed at things.

Since starting with the Gummies, if I need to chill a bit I will have one and it does that. It chills me down.

What happened when you stopped taking them?

Jenny: Yes, I stopped taking them for a while so that I could try to figure out whether it was working or not.

My aches and pains started to come back, and I am now back taking the Gummies and it is so much better.

The difference was remarkable, which was the reason I wanted to try them, stop them and then have another go. I thought it may be a coincidence, perhaps I was just getting better anyway.

Now I can see it is down to the Gummies, and I do buy them for myself. Having tried them I would say they are fantastic.

How many CBD Gummies do you take?

Jenny: I tend to just take one a day but sometimes I might skip a day if I’m feeling quite good.

I have never had anything CBD before, never tried anything with CBD so this was my first time.

I am not taking anything else with those so I can say hand on heart that the way I feel is because they’re working.

I also have sugar-free Gummies which are great if you don’t want any sugar. These are just like little bears, they are perfect if you are going out and you can just stick a few in a little pot.

Their website is also really good and it’s really easy to shop on there.

Everything is clear and you get a personal little card with your delivery. I like this personal approach and the card gives you info which I think is very useful. I know that you can go to various websites and check things but it is quite nice to have that physical thing.

I think they’re are doing a great job.

You can see the full range of UK brands offering CBD Gummies right here.