CBD Chamomile Teas
CBD Chamomile Teas

CBD Chamomile Teas: Three Of The Best!

When you consider the well-documented benefits of chamomile tea and CBD, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the two came together.

This week’s review will look at three different CBD chamomile teas, giving an insight into what is on offer in the market.

Strictly speaking, two of the teas are CBD Chamomile Teas, while the other is known as an evening tea.

As CBD tea enthusiasts and interested consumers, we compare and contrast CBD Chamomile Teas aimed at the same market – i.e., evening teas. We have noticed a lack of formality with regards to the listing of CBD per teabag across all manufacturers.

As an unregulated market, there is no legal requirement to put the CBD element on the packaging but, as premium-priced products, we were a bit surprised.

CBD Chamomile Teas under review

The review will take the traditional format, looking at chamomile/evening teas, taking into account:-

  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Smell
  • Flavour
  • Value for money

The three CBD Chamomile Teas in question today are:-

While all of these different teas are focused on the same market area, as you’ll see from the reviews, they are very different but most enjoyable in their own right.

Hope CBD Evening Tea

Hope CBD Evening Tea

Interestingly, the Hope CBD Evening Tea is packaged in a similar format to coffee, with foil-type packaging. To say this is minimalistic packaging is an understatement with not an awful lot of information.

However, we know it incorporates an array of ingredients such as valerian, linden root, lavender and obviously hemp. As we will cover later in the article, these ingredients are essential for reducing the smell and the taste of the underlying hemp.

So while some might describe this as amateurish/unprofessional packaging, this is perhaps the surprise tea of our review.

The price point will shock many in a market with an average teabag cost of around £1. You receive 20 Hope CBD Evening Teabags for just £10, which equates to a staggering 50p per bag.

We know that many people considering CBD tea will tread carefully regarding cost, so this is where Hope CBD Evening Tea scores well. Interestingly, it is also the strongest at 20mg of CBD per teabag.

Turning now to the smell and the flavour, you will recognise the scent of hemp, but it smells more like a tea infusion with a lavender/fruity type aroma.

This is not a sticky fruity smell, it is a relatively light flavour, and the watercolour is an eye-catching burnt orange. Our initial thoughts were a degree of trepidation concerning Hope CBD Evening Tea, but it indeed grows on you.

There are many contradictions with this tea, strong yet cheap, hemp-based yet creating a fruity/lavender smell, but it is enjoyable, very enjoyable!

Value for money

There is no getting away from the fact that Hope CBD Evening Tea offers exceptional value for money at just 50p per teabag.

However, it starts to get confusing when you also consider that it is the most potent CBD tea at 20mg per teabag. It is safe to say that the relatively bland packaging does the tea no favours, but it is enjoyable, even though relatively strong.

Rokit Organic CBD Chamomile Teas

Rokit CBD Chamomile Tea

We have looked at several Rokit CBD teas, and it is not difficult to notice the distinctive packaging and styling. The cardboard is recyclable, but again, a plastic bag holds the teabags.

While we appreciate that there may be a need to protect the integrity of the teabags before use, we would like to have seen less plastic.

The packaging itself identifies the various ingredients such as lemon balm, lavender, CBD hemp extract, and chamomile. The THC level is 0%, and each teabag has 5mg of CBD.

When buying Rokit Teas Organic CBD Chamomile Blend Tea, you will receive 18 bags for £16.99, which equates to around 94p a bag. This is just below average for CBD tea, but again, we need to reiterate that this type of product is not directly comparable to traditional tea.

This CBD tea is in the middle of the range of the three we reviewed but offers relatively good value for money.

Moving onto the smell and the flavour of Rokit’s Chamomile Tea, these teabags prompt an array of different flavours and experiences. Relatively light in colour, the tea has a smell of lavender and lemon, which would appear to mask the hemp extract.

This is an interesting strategy as it will appeal to those looking for traditional chamomile tea with the benefits of CBD. The teabags have a papery feel to them, and they are compostable; a plus point when it comes to the environment.

Value for money

While there is no doubt that Rokit Teas Organic CBD Chamomile Blend Tea offers good value for money, an acceptable level of CBD and an array of different flavours, it doesn’t set the world alight.

It is probably one of those teas, perfect for those looking for CBD and chamomile benefits without a strong hemp scent.

The various flavours come together to give a balance, but this tea is probably a little too light for CBD tea enthusiasts who may prefer to taste the hemp extract.

Evopure Chamomile Hemp Tea

While it sometimes feels as though we are on a mission, packaging for the Evopure Chamomile Hemp Tea is a little disappointing.

It starts off reasonably well with the cardboard cover, but you will soon notice the plastic bag inside once you dig a little deeper.

This is the chamomile tea with hemp, and as such, the CBD element is described a little differently. You will notice on the packaging that each tea bag contains 1g of hemp and there is 0.2% THC.

This is the legal THC limit for CBD products sold in the UK – perfectly safe with well-documented health benefits.

The pricing of Evopure Chamomile Hemp Tea is towards the top end, with 12 teabags costing you £12.99, which works out at £1.08 per teabag. When looking at different types of CBD tea, we like to look at a variety of so-called premium pricing products.

This gives you an idea of what is on the market and what price you can expect to pay.

As the Evopure Chamomile Hemp Tea began to brew, we immediately noticed an eye-catching golden yellow-green colour. As a hemp tea, there is a strong smell of hemp, and you could even see the buds in the teabag (which do not appear to be recyclable).

Visually, very good; it has a distinct earthy hemp smell reflected in the taste. While we both have a particular liking for hemp tea, this is not to everybody’s taste. The flavour is best described as earthy, grassy, and rich, not bland like some other products.

Value for money

Evopure Chamomile Hemp Tea provides the most potent hemp smell and hemp taste of the products covered today. It even looks like a hemp-based tea as it brews, the golden yellow-green colouring emerging from the teabag.

It has a rich flavour, is visually distinctive and will likely be very popular amongst those who prefer to see hemp buds in their teabags and enjoy the taste in their cup.


Opinion was split when considering the range of CBD chamomile/evening teas, with Jonathan tipping his hat in favour of the Hope CBD Evening Tea.

While Matt was also impressed with the Hope CBD Evening Tea, he was concerned that the 20mg CBD element may be a little too high for those venturing into the CBD tea market for the first time.

Therefore, he eventually chose the Evopure Chamomile Hemp Tea as his preferred product in this review.

This is not to say that the Rokit Teas Organic CBD Chamomile Blend Tea was not enjoyable or offered good value for money; just it was perhaps too middle-of-the-road.