The Best CBD Tea Bags for Novice Users

We have covered the different types of CBD that there are and the effects they have on our bodies.

Up until now, we have also learned the difference between hemp and CBD tea bags. Now that we are armed with the data we need, we can look at the various tea leaves and bags we can buy.

In this article, we will cover three important details about CBD tea.

They are:

  • Should I choose CBD tea bags or leaves?
  • What is the difference?
  • How to properly prepare a cup of CBD tea, so your body has maximum absorption. 
  • What the best-known brands are for high-quality CBD tea in the UK.
  • Which CBD tea brands can you purchase as a novice CBD user in the UK? 

So, to help you make the most informed choice, let’s jump in and learn more about CBD tea!

CBD Tea Bags or leaves

Choosing whether you would like to use CBD tea bags or leaves is a personal preference more than anything. There are, however, some differences you should be aware of when choosing one over the other.

First, you will usually get a healthy dose of CBD in each tea bag. So, when you purchase a box, you are guaranteed a set number of doses of mg for CBD intake. 

The tea preparation will change depending on if you have tea leaves or tea bags, and we will cover this later in the article. If you opt to purchase CBD tea leaves, you will need more loose leaf tea to make a tea blend with a high CBD concentration for therapeutic benefits.

It could also mean that you need a hemp tea glass jar to brew your tea. So, let’s see exactly how we can brew the perfect cuppa of CBD tea. 

Preparations of CBD Tea

Making the perfect cup is unique depending on purchasing leaves or tea bags. If you are using tea bags, then the process is pretty straightforward. You need to put your kettle on and when the water reaches its boiling point, pour the hot water onto your teabag.

We recommend placing something on top of your cup so that the heat does not leave the water as quickly. 

Keeping the water as hot as possible for at least 3-5 minutes can ensure that as your tea is steeping, it also decarboxylates the hemp.

Decarboxylation is crucial for hemp tea because, during this process, the heat causes the cannabinoids found in the plant to release into your tea. If you do not keep the water warm enough for this to happen, you will not experience the health benefits that CBD tea has to offer. 

If you are making a teapot using tea leaves, you will most certainly need a hemp tea glass jar or tea ball strainer.

If you are using a glass jar, you should also use a filter. However, most jars have these inside them and are ready for use. As the tea leaves are still hemp plants, you need to ensure that the water is as hot as possible for at least 3-5 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you have tea leaves or bags – any tea will require temperature for decarboxylation. Brands that sell good all-natural hemp teas will specify why heat is so important for your tea. 

Beginner CBD tea bags in the UK

Although any brand that gives you information about the blend of tea you are purchasing should be a reputable company, some are a cut above the rest. As we previously mentioned in our first article, some companies inundate us with language that we may not know if we are new to CBD.

A good brand for new CBD drinkers will have many written materials in layman’s terms to help you understand the effects of their product. Still, if you find yourself struggling, you can review our previous article to understand what terpenes and types of CBD do for your body.

The best brands for people who want to try CBD in the UK are the following. 

Flora Farmacy CBD Hemp Breakfast Tea

Nothing beats a good cuppa first thing in the morning to wake you up and allow you to plan the day. This Vitabiotics Tea Plus is excellent for starting your day.

You can drink this tea however you would like, but if you want to quickly take advantage of the effects of cannabidiol (CBD), you can add some milk into your tea. When you add fat to the CBD, it helps the CBD bind to your brain’s receptors more quickly. 

Getting access to this product is fairly simple because you can purchase it at Holland and Barrett.

Love CBD Hemp Tea

We’re really happy to hear that CBD has become such an important part of people’s lives, especially regarding health. The point of our articles is to help you understand the benefits and how they can work in your favour.

Love CBD hemp tea is a great starter tea. Although this tea may be labelled as hemp tea, it contains cannabidiol (or CBD). 

In addition to having a great taste, it’s also made from peppermint, ginger, marigolds and rosemary, so it has rich terpenes in the brew.  This tea contains peppermint. It is likely to relax you while making you alert and ready for the day ahead.

CBD and peppermint are a great mix that tastes great. The best part about this tea is that it has a great entry-level price, so you see if CBD has therapeutic effects for you.

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD tea

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD tea is a great option because n the front of every package, there is a label stating exactly how much CBD there is per unit. Also, the packaging contains extensive details about CBD.

A great indication of how trustworthy a company is for CBD is the information they include on their packaging.

When a company shows they understand their product and relate the information to you, there is nothing to fear when purchasing from them. Also, how much is the box? It’s only £10.99 per box – so you can give it a go without spending a ton.  

Are any hemp or CBD tea bag brands bad?

Most brands that offer CBD tea bags will provide you with enough information to understand what you are buying. It is very important that if you don’t feel a company has put in enough effort to know what you’re purchasing, you say no.

Many CBD tea bags exist, and knowing what to look for increases your chances of a positive experience. 

Make sure to read our article on the differences between CBD and hemp tea. In doing so, you will understand the differences between these two items and understand which is best for you.

If you need more information, you can read our first article to understand the difference between cannabis, hemp and its components. 

When you understand hemp, you increase your buying power.