Cannacares CBD

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Cannacares CBD

Cannacares CBD

Cannacares has been a leading light in the CBD sector since 2018, when the company’s founder began researching the global medical cannabis industry.

Cannacares CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, CBD Skincare, CBD Patches
Cannacares CBD

The company has two very simple aims, to create a cannabis brand with integrity and allow the masses access to the medical benefits of CBD. Innovative and forward thinking, Cannacares has partnered with some of the leading experts and innovators from the world of pharmaceuticals.

The company has stuck rigidly to its two simple aims, while continuing to expand the company and maintain the flow of high quality ingredients. Cannacares continues to research the latest CBD delivery methods, keeping the business ahead of the masses.

This has created a very powerful brand with products supported by an array of scientific research and third-party testing.

Cannacares CBD

Cannacares CBD products incorporate the full range of CBD from isolate through to full spectrum. Isolate and broad-spectrum products contain no THC while full-spectrum CBD contains a minute element of THC - still well within the legal boundaries.

As we will cover in a moment, the range of products on the Cannacares CBD website is impressive!

The basic health benefits of CBD are known to assist those suffering with:-

• Pain
• Inflammation
• Anxiety
• Skin issues
• Insomnia

While all forms of CBD assist with these issues, there is evidence to show that broad-spectrum CBD, which incorporates all elements of the hemp plant, can enhance these benefits. As with many leading CBD companies, Cannacares CBD provides customers with a range of scientific research giving them a greater understanding of how CBD works.

It is important to reiterate that all of the different variations of CBD are perfectly legal and safe. Even though it is relatively new to the mass market, CBD has been in use for hundreds of years!

Product reviews

The Cannacares CBD shopping experience offers a huge range of CBD products, many of which are innovative and groundbreaking. The full range includes:-

CBD oils

Cannacares CBD oil comes in two flavours, spearmint and tangerine, with CBD strength of 10%. This is made from the highest quality CBD isolate as well as being vegan friendly and gluten free. While there may be limited flavours, feedback on the Cannacares CBD oil is certainly encouraging.

CBD capsules

Even though many people have a preference for flavoured Cannacares CBD oil, sometimes you just need a plain CBD capsule. Cannacares CBD capsules each contain 30 mg of CBD and can be taken at any time of the today, more commonly in the morning with your coffee or tea.

CBD vape oils

From vape cartridges to pods, there is no doubt that the CBD revolution has touched the e-cigarette/vaping market. Available as part of a wide-ranging pack or sold individually, many people are enjoying a regular CBD vape.

Topical CBD skincare products

CBD skincare products are proven to assist with skincare as well as muscle relief - an area of the market showing huge growth. From moisturisers to cream, body butter to a bundle of goods, there are some interesting options.

Transdermal CBD patches

While relatively new to the market, CBD patches are proving a huge hit with many people. Available across a range of different CBD strengths, the patches are activated by your body heat, releasing CBD into your bloodstream over a 24-hour period.

CBD spray

Cannacares CBD spearmint spray comes in 700 mg CBD bottles with 10 mgs of CBD per spray. Certified as THC free you simply spray the CBD underneath your tongue until the oil has dispersed. Fast acting and very useful!

Packaging and labelling

The full range of Cannacares CBD products is certainly up-to-date with the latest trends. All products are safe for use by vegans, gluten free, lactose-free, silicon free, sulphate free, paraben free, fragrance free and cruelty free. Each product label contains all of the information you need to know about dosages, type of CBD and the health benefits.

The packaging is certainly more than adequate but doesn’t go over the top or create excess waste which may not be recyclable. All in all, simple packaging and labelling, to the point and very informative.

Cannacares TrustPilot Rating

Those who have tried any Cannacares products will be well aware they are very high quality with the company providing excellent customer service. This is reflected in the TrustPilot rating, 4.4 out of 5 (654 reviews), with 78% rating the company as excellent, 10% great, and only 8% posting a negative review. When it comes to customer feedback, innovation and customer service, Cannacares takes the limelight.


In some areas of the Cannacares CBD website it is a case of quality not quantity, but the products are highly impressive. While predominately isolate CBD, some of the products take in broad and full-spectrum CBD. Per the original goals, the company has certainly managed to maintain integrity while spreading the word about the medical benefits of CBD.

Even though the CBD market, in its many different guises, has received significant press coverage, many people are still unaware of the health benefits of CBD oil.

The Cannacares CBD blog contains a huge range of information answering any questions you may have about CBD benefits and usage. In summary, innovative and high quality products put Cannacares CBD on a par with the best of them.

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Cannacares CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, CBD Skincare, CBD Patches
Cannacares CBD