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Brown’s CBD

Brown's CBD, like many other CBD companies. has not only a business interest but also personal interest in the products they sell.

The management of Brown's CBD proudly discuss personal use of their own CBD products with their families also benefiting. This underlines the company’s mission which is to improve your quality-of-life by offering the best CBD oils and other hemp based products.

The company undertakes extensive research, testing and sampling of CBD products as well as being very receptive to customer feedback. Partnering up with some of the world’s leading specialist in extracting cannabidiol, and maximising the benefits of hemp, the company is determined to sell only the best CBD products.

Brown's CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Balms, CBD Patches

Brown's CBD

There is a significant amount of research on the Brown's CBD website which explains not only the benefits of CBD but also the different variations. For example, there are three specific types of CBD, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Isolate CBD is hemp plant which has been stripped of all but CBD, broad-spectrum CBD includes flavonoids and terpenes, with the THC element filtered, while full-spectrum CBD uses all compounds of the hemp plant.

While THC is the psychoactive element of the cannabis/hemp plant, full-spectrum CBD contains no more than 0.2% and there are no psychoactive side-effects. Indeed, full-spectrum CBD has been shown to enhance the health benefits of other variations. There is scientific evidence showing that CBD can assist with:-

• Inflammation
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Pain relief
• Skin rehydration

The range of CBD products available today is absolutely huge, from traditional CBD oil to vape products, CBD edibles to water soluble CBD, patches and much more. You will see CBD products marketed as food supplements even though there is strong evidence to show they also assist with the above medical conditions and general moods.

CBD Products

There is a new trend emerging in the CBD sector, CBD companies are starting to expand away from simply providing CBD oils. Some of the more popular areas of the Brown's CBD shopping section include:-


Brown's CBD oils come in an array of different strengths from relatively mild to relatively strong, raw and traditional CBD. While CBD is not addictive, it is important to stay within the safe dosage levels to maximise the benefits.

CBD Edibles

Mixed fruit flavoured vegan CBD Gummies, infused with broad-spectrum hemp extract, are proving to be very popular. Each bag contains 30 Gummies with approximate 10 mg of CBD per sweet. Or why not try the cold-pressed CBD chocolate, vegan friendly and infused with high quality CBD. What a great way to ingest your daily helping of CBD!

CBD Patches

The Brown's CBD range of patches comes in 15 mg and 30 mg strengths, offering 24-hour slow-release into your bloodstream. These innovative patches are activated by your body heat allowing the CBD to be absorbed over a prolonged period of time.

CDB Balms

The benefits of CBD when it comes to skin care are well documented. Therefore you won’t be surprised to learn that Brown's CBD offers a wintergreen balm with targeted release to muscles, joints and skin.

As the range of CBD products offered by Brown's CBD continues to grow, we strongly recommend visiting the website for up-to-date information.

Packaging and labelling

There is a growing trend within the CBD sector, away from excessive packaging, towards recycled products and less wastage. While there is no specific mention of the materials used in packaging with Brown's CBD products, the packaging is by no means excessive. The branding is strong, the labelling is simple and to the point and gives you everything you need to know in an instant.

Brown's CBD TrustPilot Rating

While we would prefer a greater number of reviews to get a more general feel for the company, the TrustPilot rating so far speaks for itself, 4.7 out of 5 (79 reviews). A staggering 94% rated the company as excellent, 4% great, 1% average and 1% bad. There is particular mention of the broad range of products, transparency of the company and the significant benefits experienced by customers. They must be doing something right!


There is a growing trend in the CBD industry, with many family businesses having grown from continued personal use. This is the case with Brown's CBD which has focused on high quality CBD variations since inception. Even the quickest of glimpses at the website will show the vast range of CBD products and information on the benefits, safety and dosages.

As far as customer feedback, the figures speak for themselves and it is safe to say that Brown's CBD is doing its bit to educate the wider public.

Even though this industry is extremely competitive, it is not difficult to see why Brown's CBD is one of the leading lights; an established go to business which guarantees high quality ingredients and high quality products.

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Brown's CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Balms, CBD Patches