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Cannaray CBD Gummies

Cannaray CBD

While Claudia Winkleman may be the face of the business, there is much more to Cannaray CBD than meets the eye.

The company sells what is described as a power packed dose of purified CBD which allows your body to increase absorption and enhance the proven medical benefits. Interestingly, all products are triple tested in the lab which ensures that every serving of CBD is top quality and highly effective.

The company is also a member of the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance which offers a seal of approval for CBD products used by athletes.

Cannaray CBD has also won an array of awards including product of the year and was a finalist in the sleep saviour award. Innovative and forward thinking, quality does really matter with Cannaray Brands!

Cannaray CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules
Cannaray CBD

Cannaray Brands CBD

You may be aware there are three different types of CBD which are known as isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. In summary, isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD, with all of the other elements of the hemp plant removed. Broad-spectrum CBD retains all ingredients except THC, the element associated with hallucinations, while full-spectrum CBD retains everything including THC, but this is less than 0.3% of the CBD mix.

Cannaray Brands CBD products are based on isolate CBD which has been proven to assist with an array of medical issues such as:-

• Pain relief
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Improved skincare

While the full-spectrum CBD is known to enhance the general benefits of CBD, many people are still concerned about the THC element. This is the time to put any rumours and counter rumours to bed, with less than 0.3% of THC in any form of CBD there are no health risks. You will not start hallucinating!

Cannaray Product reviews

While many CBD companies began with basic CBD oils, the leading lights such as Cannaray Brands are always looking to the future. As a consequence, the Cannaray Brands website offers access to an extensive range of CBD products including:-

CBD Oils

The Cannaray Brands range of CPD products includes a Day (50 mg of CBD per ml) and Night (60 mg of CBD per ml) formula. You should not exceed 70 mg of CBD per day therefore if taking both day and night drops, the dosages should be halved. This is just one of the CBD oils available, with different flavours and varying strengths on offer.

CBD Gummies

There are numerous ways in which you can ingest your CBD dosage for the day, with one of the more popular being CBD gummies. These sweets come in varying flavours and strengths and are also vegan friendly. We think you will be surprised when you taste a CBD gummy, they are still very enjoyable!

CBD Kits

Whether looking for a CBD discovery kit, sports pack or a day to night kit, there are many different products available. As you will see, Claudia Winkleman has been busy marking her favourite CBD picks, many of which are in the CBD kits section.

CBD Capsules

Interestingly, while there is great focus on various CBD oil flavours and CBD gummies, many people still prefer plain CBD capsules. Whether simply placing them in your morning coffee, or swallowing them with an alternative drink, this is a great way to maintain your daily CBT intake.

CBD Cream and Balms

Muscle balms to CBD sports kits, soothing massage oils and more, the world of CBD creams and balms has changed dramatically over the years. There is growing interest from sportspeople although there may need to be some kind of definitive regulatory ruling before use by athletes/professional sports people becomes more widespread.

Packaging and labelling

How refreshing to see a company such as Cannaray Brands specifically mentioning the fact they use recycled materials. From bottles and jars to lids and gummy pots, all materials are recyclable as are the cardboard shipping boxes. When it comes to branding, the company has a strong brand which has been further enhanced by personal recommendations from Claudia Winkleman.

Cannaray CBD TrustPilot Rating

Those who have tried any Cannaray products will be well aware they are top quality and the company provides excellent customer service. This is reflected in the TrustPilot rating, 4.4 out of 5 (654 reviews), with 78% rating the company as excellent, 10% great and only 8% posted a negative review. When it comes to customer feedback, innovation and customer service take the limelight.


While the personal recommendations from Claudia Winkleman will grab the headlines, it is easy to forget that Cannaray Brands offers a range of qualities CBD products. By using isolate CBD, this removes the rumours and counter rumours regarding THC. However, this still maintains an array of medical benefits which have been demonstrated with scientific research.

Cannaray Brands has been extreme proactive when it comes to educating the general public on CBD and the different variations. After much research, the management of Cannaray Brands believe they have arrived at the ultimate blend of CBD.

Whether looking for CBD oils, skin balms, gummies or anything else infused with CBD, check out the company website. You will not be disappointed!

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Cannaray CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules
Cannaray CBD