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Hempura CBD

When Lewis Hadaway founded Hempura CBD back in 2017, his main mission was to allow consumers to differentiate premium CBD products from lower quality counterparts.

Hempura CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Vape, CBD Chocolate, CBD Balms

As you can see on the website, not only is there a huge range of CBD products but the company has undertaken a huge education program for customers and website visitors.

There are four core company values which include building strong relations with customers, placing customer safety front and centre, corporate sustainability and traceability, from seed to shelf.

While these are ambitious goals, the company has invested heavily in all areas of its operations and is one of the leaders in the UK CBD market. An impressive return on some significant investment!

Hempura CBD

Interestingly, while many of the Hempura CBD products are focused on broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD, there are also some isolate CBD products. This ensures that all customer requirements are met from a range of premium CBD. Those new to the CBD sector may not be aware of the difference between these types of CBD. However, before we look at this in detail, they all provide a range of health benefits including:-

• Pain relief
• Improved skincare
• Reduced anxiety
• Help with insomnia

The isolate variation is created by removing all of the elements of the hemp plant except the CBD. The broad-spectrum CBD removes only the THC, leaving the additional elements intact. Then we have the full-spectrum CBD, which incorporates everything, including the THC. However, it is important not that the measure of THC in this form of CBD is less than 0.3%. No danger to your health and no chance of hallucinations!

Hempura Product reviews

In just a short number of years, it is clear to see that the Hempura CBD brand has come a long way. Even the quickest of glimpses at the shopping section will show a very strong brand, a huge range of products and quite literally something for everybody.

CBD Oils

The range in variation of Hempura CBD oils is very impressive, ranging from 1.25 mg of CBD per drop to 5 mg and beyond. The CBD oils are available in numerous flavours and there is even a sports range for athletes and professional sports people.

CBD Capsules

It is interesting to note that while the range of CBD products continues to grow, many people prefer a simple CBD capsule. The Hempura CBD capsule is vegan friendly and creates an authentic experience of CBD and natural wellness. Simple but effective!

CBD Vape Juice

Since the first CBD infused vape juice emerged, it is safe to say that the market has gone crazy. The citrus flavoured Hempura CBD vape juice is proving very popular with a range in strengths, 1.25 mg up to 2.5 mg of CBD. Are you a vaper already?

CBD Chocolates

As seems to be the norm on the Hempura CBD website, the company’s CBD chocolates also come in two strengths, 25 mg and 50 mg of CBD. This premium chocolate simply melts under the tongue, what a way to ingest your daily dose!

CBD Cream

The range of Hempura CBD cream has been clinically proven to repair, restore and soothe an aching body. This is luxury quality skin care cream, manufactured in Britain and delivered in an eco-friendly glass jar. What more can we say?

CBD Sport

While initially there was some concern regarding regulations, there has been a huge increase in the number of athletes and sports people using CBD products. Not one to miss an opportunity, you can buy Hempura CBD sport on the website today.

Packaging and labelling

The company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is evident with a range of recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. Maintaining one of the core principles, the company has been able to incorporate a distinctive brand with packaging and labelling which includes simple but informative instructions. It’s very rare that we see this mix of responsibility and strong branding.

Hempura TrustPilot rating

The Hempura CBD TrustPilot rating is one of the highest we have seen, 4.8 out of 5 with an excellent ranking. The company has received five star reviews from 87% of customers, four stars from 9% with only 1% submitting a one star rating. There is particular praise for the product range as well as the very impressive customer service. This level of ranking and customer feedback will be the envy of many competitors.


It is not often that you see a company striving to create premium CBD products but also actively embracing environmental and sustainability issues. We often see companies focusing on one and missing out on the other but with Hempura CBD, the company ticks all of the boxes. The huge range of products is bringing new customers in every day, with repeat orders increasing.

This is a company which understands the CBD market, and perhaps more importantly, customer requirements. Constantly striving to enhance and improve the product range, as well as offsetting the company’s carbon footprint, you could argue that Hempura CBD is a blueprint for any future successful CBD company.

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Hempura CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Vape, CBD Chocolate, CBD Balms