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Asylum CBD Oil

CBD Asylum

CBD Asylum is seen by many as an innovator in the industry, with over 30,000 loyal customers and the highest Trustpilot rating in the UK.

The founders aim to provide a huge range of affordable CBD products using knowledge amassed over the last five years. Even a quick glimpse at the website shows a very professional and enticing look, check the about us page and you will see the immense attention to detail.

The seed for CBD Asylum was planted back in 2017 and came to fruition in March 2018. This is a company which is very much hands-on, looking to provide quality CBD products to the mass market, without impacting quality. While some may be sceptical of the high volume, low cost, high quality approach, just check out some of those customer reviews!

Asylum CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Skincare, CBD Gummies

CBD Asylum

Those who follow the CBD industry will be aware there are three different types of CBD, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. CBD Asylum is focused on isolate CBD which is a pure variation of the oil with other ingredients from the hemp plant removed. The founders are extremely passionate about the benefits of isolate CBD, which can be used to create a whole range of different products. Using CBD isolate created in the sun drenched state of California, the company maintains quality, uniformity and transparency in all areas.

While CBD in its many forms are sold as a food supplement, there are numerous medical research projects which show various medical benefits. CBD is shown to assist with:-

• Pain relief
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Skincare

Even though some CBD companies tend to move with the latest trend, CBD Asylum has remained loyal to its roots and continues to wax lyrical about the many benefits of CBD isolate. With such a huge customer base and impressive feedback, what does the company have to offer?

Product reviews

While we will focus on the main CBD products, the range on the CBD Asylum website is immense. The full range takes in oils to e-liquid, tablets to muscle rub, sweets to skincare and much more. So where do we start?

CBD Oils

The range of CBD oil strengths is amazing, 500 mg to 10,000 mg in strength with detailed advice and guidance on every product page. The range of flavours includes natural, peppermint, berry, lemonade, orange, cola, mango and fruity to name but a few. An impressive array of choice!

CBD Sweets and Gummies

Demand for CBD infused sweets continues to grow and the use of CBD isolate has allowed CBD Asylum to create a huge range of different flavours. The majority of sweets and gummies have CBD strength of 25 mg per sweet but it is the flavours which will catch your eye. Chocolate limes to candy twists, barley sugar to strawberry and cream, even licorice and sherbet lemons, it is like a trip down memory lane, back to your childhood.

CBD Skincare

The benefits of CBD when it comes to skincare have been widely documented, much of it focused around rehydration. While the range of CBD Asylum CBD skincare products is less than in other areas, it includes moisturising cream, hand cream, lip balm and skin cream. There is a significant variation in strength and detailed advice on how and when to use these products.

CBD Tablets

While the different flavours available across the range of CBD products tend to grab the headlines, there is strong demand for plain CBD tablets. The CBD Asylum website offers a range of eight different CBD tablets supporting general well-being to immunity boosting, night-time tablets to those encouraging a relaxed state of mind.

This is just a small selection of the huge range of different CBD products available on the CBD Asylum website - we recommend taking a look when you have the time.

Packaging and labelling

Quite how CBD Asylum have managed to include ingredients, strength details and dosage recommendations on the labelling, while retaining a simple uncluttered approach is impressive. Looking at the website, there is little in the way of excessive packaging and it is simply a case of what you see is what you get. We live in an age where recycled products and the environment are front and centre, and while no specific mention on the CBD Asylum, the simplistic approach to packaging and labelling helps.

CBD Asylum TrustPilot rating

As we alluded to above, CBD Asylum has a very impressive TrustPilot rating which comes in at an average of 4.9 out of 5, from a total of 2770 reviews. A staggering 95% of those who responded gave the company a five star rating with less than 2% of customer feedback under four stars. While the range of products is impressive, for many people it is the level of customer service which stands out. To say this is above and beyond is an understatement!


It is safe to say that CBD Asylum has managed what many other companies failed to do, bringing extremely high quality products to the market at affordable prices. A reluctance to move with short-term trends is paying huge dividends for the company which now has more than 30,000 customers and an impressive TrustPilot ranking.

The huge volume of business, and growing customer base, has allowed the company to reinvest back into the product range, maintaining a competitive edge over other CBD companies. Since inception in 2018, CBD Asylum as become one of the best known CBD companies in the UK. The range of products is phenomenal; the quality of CBD ingredients will shock many people, all available at affordable prices. Have we missed anything?

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Asylum CBD
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Skincare, CBD Gummies