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Kloris CBD

Kloris CBD

The name Kloris comes from Greek mythology, the goddess of flowers from the islands of the Blessed.

Associated with spring, flowers and new growth, this name fits perfectly into the company’s mission to harness the healing power of CBD within an ethical and environmentally friendly scenario. Kloris uses only natural hemp extracts and avoids all of the fillers and preservatives seen with some CBD products.

Bringing together the founders, who all used CBD for various ailments, created a personal mission and the basis for a very strong and growing company.

The attention to detail, travelling round the world to see suppliers in action, and a very forward thinking approach to the environment has gone down well with customers. This is only the start of the journey for the Kloris founders, who believe that the benefits of CBD are still very much under-explored.

Kloris CBD Patches
Kloris CBD
CBD Oils, CBD Patches, CBD Skin Care, CBD Balms

Kloris CBD

There are many rumours, myths and untruths which surround the use of CBD and its connection with the hemp/cannabis plant. Kloris uses what is known as broad-spectrum CBD which incorporates all elements of the hemp plant with the exception of THC.

Many will be aware that THC is the psychoactive element which will, if taken in significant doses, create the “high” associated with cannabis. For reference, the other two types of CBD are known as isolate, which is pure CBD with all other elements removed, and full-spectrum, which includes everything, including THC (less than 0.3%).

As many CBD companies continue to promote and advertise their products, you will no doubt be aware of the potential medical benefits. CBD has been known to assist with:-

• Skincare
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Pain relief

At the moment, CBD products are marketed as food supplements even though there is extensive medical research to suggest they can assist with various ailments. They come in a variety of different guises, with CBD now infused into more products than ever before.

Kloris CBD Product reviews

There has certainly been a shift in the way in which CBD products are promoted, with many websites, including Kloris, allowing you to shop not only by product but by goals. For example, there are numerous products on the website if you are looking for help with sleeping or pain management. The range of products available includes:-

CBD Oils

This is still the most popular area of the CBD market at the moment, with Kloris providing some classy products. Also available on subscription, you can buy high quality CBD oils in two different strengths, 5% and 10%.

CBD Skincare

Skincare products are now challenging CBD oils as the most popular in the market today. As well as supplying some traditional, non-CBD products, Kloris offers CBD balm, face oil/cream, eye cream, uplifting lotion and various bundle packages. Certainly worth a look!

CBD Patches

While oils, balm and capsules are perhaps the most popular means of taking your daily dose of CBD, you can now buy 24-hour release patches and sleep support patches. The reviews for these particular products are impressive and this is an interesting diversion from the traditional market.

CBD Gift Sets

Now that the mystery and rumours surrounding CBD use have been corrected, it is now seen as an acceptable gift. Consequently, you won’t be surprised to learn that Kloris offers a range of gift sets, providing a little of everything.

Packaging and labelling

Finally, we have found another CBD company in the shape of Kloris which has been explicit about its use of recycled and biodegradable materials. The company is committed to avoiding excess packaging and nothing is ever wrapped in plastic. Constantly searching for ways to improve this core goal, Kloris CBD is one of the leaders in this area.

Obviously, as you would expect, the labels still contain all of the ingredients and the information you require to use your CBD products in a safe manner.

Kloris CBD TrustPilot rating

As with many CBD companies, we look forward to more feedback in the future with just 133 TrustPilot reviews available as we go to print. However, the overall TrustPilot rating is an impressive 4.7 out of five with 90% giving the company a five-star rating and 4% posting a four-star rating.

Many of the comments highlight the quality of the products, the range and the health benefits, but more important, a number of those leaving feedback have been recommended by friends. The Holy Grail of marketing!


If you were writing a business plan for a CBD company, many would use the Kloris model as their blueprint. The company not only provides an impressive range of quality products but is very much focused on the environment and recycled materials for packaging. The proof is in the pudding, with customer feedback impressive across both products and customer service.

The control and transparency regarding the ingredients, the goal of bringing the health benefits of CBD to the masses as well as the quality of product ensures that Kloris stands out from the rest.

The website offers a very easy shopping experience, additional information for those new to the CBD market and the opportunity to focus on certain products to assist with certain ailments. Kloris CBD appears to have everything covered!

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Kloris CBD Patches
Kloris CBD
CBD Oils, CBD Patches, CBD Skin Care, CBD Balms