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CBD Brothers

CBD Brothers

Still managed by the original founders, CBD Brothers is the oldest provider of cannabis extracts in the UK.

CBD Brothers
Product Range:
CBD Balms, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD Oil
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The company started life in the founder’s garage, mixing and blending cannabis extracts to help neighbours with an array of medical conditions. Positive feedback and irrefutable evidence of success, the original CBD Brothers lotions and potions were flying off the shelf!

CBD Brothers was the first UK business licenced to grow full-spectrum cannabis and a leader in the introduction of THC rich preparations into the food chain. Innovative and transparent, forward thinking and backed by scientific studies, CBD Brothers is revolutionising the CBD landscape in the UK.

The company motto says everything, “Health over Wealth”.

Full Spectrum CBD

CBD Brothers use full-spectrum CBD in their products which provides the full range of health benefits, assisting with:-

• Pain relief
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anxiety
• Insomnia

The use of full-spectrum CBD is shown to magnify the health benefits in relation to pain relief and anti-inflammatory. Even though there is a small element of THC, less than 0.3%, this is very safe and will not give you the “high” associated with cannabis.

Since cannabis legislation, the company has grown and harvested its own crop in Guernsey and Suffolk.

However, exceptional growth in business over the years has seen the company bring in like-minded companies to provide additional cannabis plant supplies. Central to the company’s success has been the ability to maintain exceptionally high standards with base cannabis crops and their products.

Product reviews

It is fair to say that CBD Brothers provides what can only be described as a truly extensive range of CBD products. In addition, the company also offers a range of herbal remedies having partnered with leading lights in this area.

CBD Oils

CBD Brothers offers a full range of CBD oils from 280mg up to 1200mg with each web page containing a detailed description of the product, down to the amount of CBD per drop. This is an impressive range with more than enough information to choose the right CBD strength product for you.

CBD Balms

The company offers an interesting range of CBD balms with varying strengths and a mix of CBD and herbal remedies. The original CBD Brothers balm is still available, incorporating organic coconut oil, beeswax and CBD plant extracts. This is flying off the shelves!

CBD Capsules

All of the CBD capsules available on the website are vegan friendly with the CBD element ranging from 1400mg to 2500mg per bottle. Again, instructions and attention to detail is very impressive and helpful to consumers.

CBD Gummies

As well as offering CBD Gummies ranging from 10mg to 50mg of CBD per sweet, there is also a huge range of CBD infused chocolate. From mint to dark orange, Belgian white chocolate to a hot chocolate stirrer, the selection is impressive. Definitely worth a look!

Water-soluble CBD

The water-soluble CBD product has 40mg of CBD per mL of product and is very useful for those who prefer a drink alternative. CBD Brothers is one of a growing number of companies now providing water-soluble CBD.

Hemp treats for dogs!

Hemp-based treats for dogs is becoming a sizeable market and CBD Brothers are tapping into this niche. The company sells hemp treats on the website which are vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten and grain free - the perfect treat for your dog!

Trial sizes

CBD Brothers is one of the few companies to offer a range of CBD trial sizes for those concerned about buying in volume without trying the product first. An interesting and very useful concept!

Packaging and labelling

While the bottles are plastic for obvious reasons, the packaging is cardboard which we assume can be recycled. While there is no specific mention of reusable materials or any reduced impact on the environment, the packaging is certainly not extravagant.

Our as well as extreme in-depth individual product information on the website, the exterior packaging is also very informative. There is information about the CBD strength, ingredients, usage and dosages. It is fair to say the company has made maximum use of packaging and labelling without going over the top, the perfect balance.

TrustPilot rating

There are approaching 500 reviews on the TrustPIlot website with an average rating of 4.9, with 91% rating the company excellent. The quality of CBD Brothers products is mentioned in detail, the immediate impact on physical pain and mental issues surprising many people. The company is proactive on the website, addressing questions and issues almost immediately.


While there is still a significant focus on CBD products, CBD Brothers also takes in a range of herbal remedies and herbal consultants in shops. There is even a CBD patient’s guide to medical cannabis which many will find useful as they start their venture into CBD products.

CBD Brothers has managed to retain its original ethos and outlook on business, perfectly illustrated by the company’s motto, “Health over Wealth”.

Even though CBD Brothers is the oldest provider of cannabis extracts in the UK, the company has managed to grow with the times while still maintaining that family/customer friendly vibe.

The range of products is impressive, branching out into herbal remedies makes sense, and the TrustPilot rating says everything, 91% ranked the company product and services as excellent. Innovative and forward thinking, CBD Brothers continues to grow in popularity.

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CBD Brothers
Product Range:
CBD Balms, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD Oil
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