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Leading CBD company 7NRG, unlike many other CBD retailers in the UK, has targeted the competitive sport and fitness market.

By combining protein powders with the latest CBD innovation, the company has created a sport nutrition range which is growing in popularity. Using clearly defined strengths of CBD, 7NRG delivers extra endurance during a training session and faster recovery after a workout.

Conscious that sport and CBD products are not seen as natural bedfellows, 7NRG CBD provides a full range of lab reports in an evidence-based drive to educate the masses. The company has spent heavily on a patented mix and delivery system which is recyclable. Sales show that initial scepticism of mixing CBD and sports nutrition in the fitness market could prove to be an untapped gem for 7NRG CBD.

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7NRG is fairly unique in the world of CBD, focusing specifically on sport nutrition with pre-workout, workout and post workout CBD based products. The company uses a water soluble form of CBD which contains 0% THC and is administered by the unique patented delivery system. Aside from the traditional health benefits which include:-

• Pain relief
• Improved skin health
• Reduced anxiety
• Help with sleeping

There is also evidence to suggest that the soluble CBD used by 7NRG helps with:-

• Extra endurance
• Faster muscle recovery

There are many scientific reports on the website which backup the array of claims made by the company.

7NRG Product reviews

While many CBD companies focus on the wider market, 7NRG is focused purely and simply on sport nutrition. Consequently, the company offers a range of products including:-

Pre-workout CBD energy drinks

Currently available in two flavours, mango and pineapple and tropical punch, these pre-workout energy drinks contain 12mg of medium strength CBD formula.

Post workout CBD Whey protein drinks

The popular post workout whey protein drinks come in chocolate and vanilla flavours, with a higher 25mg CBD strength. Each drink contains 20 g of whey protein.

Post workout vegan CBD protein drinks

7NRG continues to cater to a growing range of fitness fans with the vegan vanilla protein shake coming in 25mg CBD strength.

Pre-and post mixed CBD drinks

You can also buy a box of 12 pre-and post workout CBD energy and protein shakes. The pre-workout CBD is infused with medium strength CBD while the post workout drink is high-strength.

The mix of pre-workout and post workout CBD infused drinks is known to increase energy and speed up muscle recovery. All of the products and claims on the website are backed up by an array of scientific reports and evidence.

Packaging and labelling

The drinks packaging is reusable and the innovative ball shaker mixer is a patented delivery system. This ensures that the water soluble CBD is thoroughly mixed giving the end user the full benefits of this impressive drink.

7NRG Customer reviews

Even while operating in an ultra-competitive market, with CBD products prone to misinformation, customer reviews for the company are outstanding. The pre-workout, workout and post workout benefits are well documented by customers. Enhanced energy levels have been reported across-the-board, even by previous sceptics! Challenging typical protein powders and sports nutrients, 7NRG is certainly a hit with customers.


7NRG incorporates everything from a reusable drinks pouch to a patented shaker ball mixing system. Heavily focused on sports nutrition, there is ample evidence from existing customers showing the benefits pre-workout, during the workout and post workout. The range of products is impressive, packaging simple and easy to understand with a strong focus on quality CBD.

In summary, 7NRG is making big waves in the very competitive sport nutrition market. Innovation, simple instructions and a reusable pouch ensure that the ever-growing range of CBD drinks was always going to be a winner. Honest and upfront, transparency and quality stand out like a beacon.

Check out 7NRG here:

CBD Products
CBD Soft Drinks, CBD Protein Shakes