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Purity Hemp Company

Purity Hemp Company

Purity Hemp Company has been in the CBD market since 2017 and prides itself in the traceability and provenance of both the raw materials and processes that go into the creation of all their CBD products.

Led by Michael Walker, Purity Hemp Company currently offers a comprehensive range of CBD oils, edibles, drinks and pain relief treatments.

Michael's mission is very personal, having witnessed the physical and mental health of family and friends deteriorate with the use of synthetic pharmaceutical medicines alone. While his story is emotive, he also recognises the need to provide scientific evidence as he seeks to educate the masses and right the numerous misconceptions about the benefits of CBD.

Purity Hemp Company
Product Range:
CBD Oils, CBD Gummy Domes, CBD Balm, CBD Hemp Tea
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Purity Hemp Company CBD

Purity Hemp Company products are based around pure organic broad-spectrum CBD, which contains several health benefits compared to CBD isolates. These benefits include:-

• Pain relief
• Improve skin health
• Reduced anxiety
• Help with sleeping

Each product has two different variations, CBD delivered via MCT oil (a coconut oil) or hemp oil. The MCT variation allows the CBD to be more quickly absorbed into the body. The hemp oil adds several health benefits to the products. There is plenty of information and advice on the website regarding the different oil types.

The main CBD oil products come in different strengths, 5%, 10%, 20% and 40% and bottles sizes of 10 ml, 15 ml and 30 ml. Purity Hemp has also tapped into the edible CBD products market with a gluten-free range of CBD sweets as well as pain-relief products, infused coffee and teas, and a range of bundle packages.

Purity Hemp Product reviews

While the headline products on the Purity Hemp Company website are the CBD oils, other products are available. The full range includes:-

CBD Oils

Currently, there are four different CBD oils ranging from 5% strength to 40%, all available with either hemp oil or MCT oil. There are three bottle sizes, 10 ml, 15 ml and 30 ml. Each product page gives in-depth background into dosages, the difference between MCT and hemp oil and the respective benefits.

CBD Edibles

The CBD edible section takes in gluten free Jelly Dome sweets (10 mg of CBD per sweet) and Gummy Bears (5 mg of CBD per sweet). They come in jars of 20 sweets, 30 sweets and 50 sweets with important information about maximum consumption.

CBD Gels and Wraps

CBD is proven to have pain relief benefits; therefore, many will be interested in the Purity Hemp CBD gels and wraps. While some customers may be uncertain about the benefits of CBD concerning pain relief, there is a lot of information in the shopping section and the blog.

CBD Drinks

The CBD drinks section offers an impressive range of CBD-infused coffee and teas, with enough flavours to cover every palate. In addition, there are different ranges of CBD strength which are clearly visible on each product page.

Packaging and labelling

While ultimately, it is the quality of the product which will dictate a company's success, it is fair to say the Purity Hemp Company provides high-quality packaging and labelling. The type of oil, strength and recommended use limits are displayed clearly on individual products.

Trustpilot rating

Purity Hemp has a TrustPilot rating of 4.6 out of 5 (135 reviews) which reflects the product range, customer service and the easy-to-use website. Even where there have been isolated issues with products/services the company has quickly responded online and rectified them. In a competitive industry, this rating is one of the highest we have seen so far.


The Purity Hemp Company website gives a very professional and eye-catching impression. When you delve deeper, there is a lot of information about individual products, general news, and more information about the company. The initial impression ties up with the Trustpilot score in what is still a relatively immature market, with many customers still coming to terms with what is on offer.

In summary, the Purity Hemp Company offers an impressive range of products, delivered via an eye-catching website and backed up by excellent customer service. The attention to detail concerning testing, use and packaging/labelling certainly goes above and beyond a typical CBD company. Premium branding backed up by a range of premium products; Purity Hemp is certainly catching the attention of CBD enthusiasts!

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Purity Hemp Company
Product Range:
CBD Oils, CBD Gummy Domes, CBD Balm, CBD Hemp Tea
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