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CBD Life

CBD Life

Created in 2015, CBD Life is a family run business based upon personal experience as CBD users.

Seen as one of the pioneers of the UK CBD market, CBD Life is a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association. This offers the company a unique insight into the world of legislation, safety and quality control, all central to CBD Life’s natural development and growth.

In an industry often shrouded in secrecy, it is refreshing to see CBD Life leading the way as a transparent, innovative company which is passionate about the health benefits of CBD. A full audit trail of raw materials, backed by lab tests and reports, highlights the quality of the products that CBD Life supplies. Transparent and innovative, CBD Life products are flying off the shelves!

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While some CBD companies stick to 1 of the three types of CBD available, CBD Life provides products incorporating all types which are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. The isolate variation is pure CBD, with all other hemp plant extracts removed. Broad-spectrum uses all of the hemp plant elements with the exception of THC which is removed. As you might expect, the full-spectrum CBD incorporates every element of the hemp plant including THC, although this is formulated in such a way as to make up less than 0.3% of the CBD product.

The health benefits of CBD are well documented, including assistance with:-

• Pain relief
• Inflammation
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Skin rehydration

There is also evidence to suggest that using full-spectrum CBD enhances the health benefits with particular emphasis on pain relief and anti-inflammation.

Product reviews

Initially, many CBD companies tended to focus on a relatively small selection of products but things are changing! CBD Life’s product range takes in oils, capsules, edibles, topicals, vapes, dabs as well as hardware and accessory.

CBD Oils

CBD Life offers variations of CBD oil, raw hemp extract oil and refined hemp extract oil which we covered above. The strength of CBD ranges from 500mg per bottle up to 2000mg with advice on usage and dosage on individual product pages.

CBD Edibles

In layman’s terms, CBD sweets! Flavours include neon rings to apple rings, peach rings to wild cherry and the obvious cola flavour, with CBD strength per sweet ranging from 10mg up to 50mg. However, be careful when eating them, they can be addictive!

CBD Topicals

This is a relatively new but exciting area of the CBD market, taking in muscle rub, skin cream, massage oil and even bath bombs! There is huge interest in the muscle rub and skin cream which has been the subject of many positive scientific tests. As ever, all of these products are backed by scientific evidence.

CBD Vapes

Vape pens to vape cartridges, CBD infused e-liquid to empty cartridges and refillable vape pods, this area of the market is showing extremely high growth. The strength of CBD across the range is varied with recommended dosage and usage advice on individual product pages.

CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are growing in popularity as the quickest way to consume CBD in its purest form. The range includes pen kits to atomisers, and an array of different flavoured crystals. Perfectly safe and passed by the regulators, the products are described in detail on the website.

Packaging and labelling

Offering the full range of different CBD formulations was risky but the CBD Life website is extremely easy to understand and removes any potential complications. Each product page is clearly defined with the type of CBD also visible on the bottle, packet and the packaging. The attention to detail instils confidence, branding is subtle, but one you will remember, and the range of products is very impressive. You only need to look at the TrustPilot feedback get an unbiased opinion.

TrustPilot rating

The company’s TrustPilot rating is an impressive 4.9 out of 5 with approaching 400 reviews. A staggering 94% rated CBD Life products and services as excellent with less than 2% having a poor/bad experience. Fast delivery, quality products and positive feedback on pain, suffering and insomnia, CBD Life must be doing something right!


CBD Life is a family business which has managed to retain that ethos even operating in a very competitive and fast-moving industry. The range of products is impressive, the attention to detail very helpful with the branding/packaging informative at a glance. The company offers a transparency and openness not seen everywhere in the CBD industry, one which has certainly curried favour with customers.

Incorporating all three variations of CBD into the product range must have been challenging, and a potential risk, but it has certainly worked for the company. Customer feedback is extremely impressive, both in terms of product and customer service. An informative blog, access to a range of scientific reports and the ability to ask questions of the company, this rare level of transparency is working.

Check out CBD Life here:

CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Balm, CBD Vapes, CBD Dabs