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Infinity CBD

Read the Infinity CBD profile and everything becomes clear. This is a company which has grown and developed with its long-term loyal customer base.

CBD Oil, CBD Skincare, CBD Balms, CBD Chocolate
Infinity CBD

The trials and tribulations are well documented, together with competition in the industry and the need for constant innovation. This innovation has created a huge CBD product range which continues to grow.

Infinity CBD makes all cosmetic formulations from scratch, hand poured and produced in small batches to retain control of quality. The attention to detail is mind blowing; the journey with customers is intriguing with the company open and honest about all areas of CBD. It is safe to say that the Infinity CBD journey still has some way to go, we can’t wait!


Infinity CBD

Infinity CBD makes use of two of the three different variants of CBD available in full spectrum and broad spectrum. Full spectrum CBD incorporates all elements of the hemp plant, which includes the THC, although this is minute and you won’t experience any highs. Broad spectrum CBD makes use of the full hemp plant with the exception of the THC, which is filtered and removed.

When it comes to full-spectrum CBD, and to a lesser extent, broad spectrum CBD, the fact they use more of the plant than pure CBD has been shown to enhance their medical benefits. CBD in all forms is known to help with:-

• Pain relief
• Inflammation
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Skin rehydration

The Infinity CBD looks as much like a CBD news portal as it does a CBD online shop. There’s a lot of information for you to look at!

Product reviews

Like many larger companies in the CBD industry, Infinity CBD sells an enhanced range of CBD products such as oils, skincare, massage therapy, chocolate, tablets and starter bundles. While initially CBD products were focused on CBD oil, this has spread to different areas of the market.

CBD Oils

The CBD oils section includes a range of different strengths from 2.5% to 40% across a range of different bottle sizes. From relatively mild to extra-strong, the range of CBD oils is impressive with some also focused on the vegan market.

CBD Skincare

CBD skincare is now a huge element of the CBD market and it is fair to say that Infinity CBD has jumped aboard this new trend. This section includes a range of different strengths from 250mg all the way up to 1000mg. Natural balms, massage oils and muscle relaxants, there’s a good selection of CBD skincare products.

CBD Chocolate

In theory, you can infuse CBD into any solution so why not chocolate bars? This section includes a range of different flavours from orange and honeycomb to mint, dark raspberry to gingerbread and there are also some vegan CBD gummies. It is not difficult to see how people get addicted to these sweets!

CBD Tablets

While we have chocolate, oils and CBD skincare products, many people are looking for a simple tasteless, easy to swallow CBD tablet. Infinity CBD provides full-spectrum CBD tablets with 25mg of CBD per capsule, perfect for dropping with your first coffee or tea of the day.

CBD Massage Products

Interestingly, the Infinity CBD massage products section is one of the largest in the online shopping area. From calming sticks to muscle relief, massage oil to a rest and relaxation bundle, there is a lot to choose from.

Packaging and labelling

It is fair to say that the Infinity CBD packaging and labelling enhances a very strong brand and distinctive coloured containers. As seems to be the norm these days, the labelling is simple to read, informative and easy to understand. In just a few words you know where the product is from, the strength, the type of CBD and dosage instructions. Interestingly, the InfiniTree emblem denotes that the company will plant a tree for every bottle sold. Very useful for the environment and one to look out for!

Infinity CBD TrustPilot rating

While relatively new to TrustPilot, there is a strong line of customer satisfaction running through the majority of feedback. Interestingly, pain relief and anxiety relief are discussed in equal measures in very positive terms. Many are surprised by the almost immediate impact, while others inquisitive as to why there is so much misinformation about the CBD industry.


Strong branding, two different types of CBD and a fairly broad range of products, it is no surprise to learn that Infinity CBD is proving popular amongst consumers. Initial feedback on the TrustPilot account has been positive and the company continues to go from strength to strength. The fact that all cosmetics are made from scratch and hand poured ensures quality control is maintained and also avoids excess waste.

While incorporating a huge range of CBD products, the Infinity CBD website is also a treasure chest of information about CBD, dosages and the benefits. Whether you are a novice or an experienced CBD user, there is something for everybody. Another one to check out!

Check out Infinity CBD here:

CBD Oil, CBD Skincare, CBD Balms, CBD Chocolate
Infinity CBD