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Goodbody Botanicals CBD

GoodBody Botanicals

GoodBody Botanicals is a successful offshoot of the Goodbody Health Group, a UK listed medicinal cannabis company.

While some CBD companies prefer to outsource various parts of their operations, all GoodBody Botanicals products are selected, extracted, tested and bottled by the company. Accredited independent testing facilities allow the company to remain competitive while investing funds saved elsewhere.

This hands-on approach, with all products formulated in the UK, ensures only top quality ingredients at affordable prices. The company has won an array of awards, is a member of various industry bodies and also offers an interesting membership opportunity.

Akin to a subscription model, members pay a modest amount each month to save potentially hundreds of pounds over the year. An interesting option for consumers to consider!

Goodbody Botanicals CBD Bath Bomb
CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, CBD Balm, CBD Capsules, CBD Bath Bombs
Goodbody Botanicals

GoodBody Botanicals CBD

Those who follow the CBD industry will be aware there are three different types of CBD, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Isolate CBD contains just CBD, with all other elements of the hemp plant removed. Broad-spectrum CBD includes everything from the hemp plant with the exception of THC, the psychoactive element of hemp. Full-spectrum CBD includes all elements of the hemp plant, including THC, although the levels are minute, less than 0.3%.

GoodBody Botanicals products are based on the broad-spectrum variation of CBD. Even though CBD products are sold as food supplements, research shows they can assist with:-

• Insomnia
• Skincare
• Pain relief
• Anxiety

When using a CDB product for the first time, it is important to take note of recommended dosages. You will also notice that different products will come in a range of different CBD strengths, to suit various requirements.

Product reviews

While some CBD companies prefer to remain focused on a small range of products, GoodBody Botanicals has taken a different approach. The full range includes:-

CBD Oils

While other products have emerged in the CBD market, CBD oils continue to be very popular. GoodBody Botanicals CBD oils come in a range of strengths from 5% up to 20% and a number of different flavours.

CBD Balms

While the current selection of CBD balms on the GoodBody Botanicals website is limited, this is a growing market. This product incorporates an array of different ingredients with a high concentration of CBD to aid relief, recovery and skincare.

CBD Bathing Products

Seen by many as a subset of the CBD topical sector, CBD bathing products include oils and an array of different bath bombs. As CBD is directly associated with relaxing and recovery, it makes sense to incorporate CBD into bathing products. Enjoy!

CBD Gummies

While the idea of adding CBD to sweets and gummies may seem a little strange to many people, it works perfectly. Mixing CBD with an array of fruit flavours, incorporating natural colourings and vegan friendly sweets, is the perfect way to maintain your daily CBD intake.

Packaging and labelling

We live in a world where recycled materials and environmentally friendly products are front and centre. While there is no specific mention of the type of packaging used, images suggest it is fairly basic and therefore perhaps more environmentally friendly than others. The labelling is clear, to the point with each container providing an in-depth snapshot of the product. No-frills, no fuss!

Customer feedback

Unfortunately, at this moment in time there is limited customer feedback although press coverage has been positive. Best quality and best price guarantees, together with the membership savings available, are certainly attracting the attention of consumers. While we have no reason not to believe the company’s claims, it will be interesting to see customer feedback in time.


As part of a larger listed entity, there is no doubt that GoodBody Botanicals has the financial backing and the foundations to be very successful. The website is informative, each product page offers specific guidance and help, and the range of products continues to grow. While some companies go for an all singing all dancing website, GoodBody Botanicals prefers to let the company’s products do the talking.

Digging down a little deeper, the attention to detail, the control of ingredients and products together with independent in-house testing is impressive. Cost savings created using in-house services allows GoodBody Botanicals to provide a competitive pricing structure.

This is enhanced even further with the membership offer, the ability to save hundreds of pounds a year for a modest monthly fee.

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Goodbody Botanicals CBD Bath Bomb
CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, CBD Balm, CBD Capsules, CBD Bath Bombs
Goodbody Botanicals