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Lab Nature CBD Honey

Lab Nature CBD

It is safe to say that the founders of Lab Nature CBD have bought into the philosophy, with the aim of connecting the modern world with natural medicines.

The name, Lab:Nature, relates to tuning into nature both physically and mentally to deliver quality CBD products to the masses. Formulating innovative CBD goods is not easy, creating products which not only energise but also restore an inner balance. The founders have done their research!

All of the products created by Lab:Nature CBD are natural and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. All of the base hemp plant ingredients are natural with no pesticides, sourced from only the most reliable suppliers around the world.

The CBD product range is part of a wider focus on supplements, vitamins and innovative formulations. The founders have big hopes for the future.

Lab Nature CBD Oil
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Honey
Lab Nature CBD

Lab:Nature CBD

The majority of the Lab:Nature CBD product range is based on broad-spectrum CBD which incorporates all elements of the hemp plant with the exception of THC. There are two other types of CBD which are known as isolate, which contains pure CBD with all other ingredients from the hemp plant removed. Then we have full-spectrum CBD, which as the term suggests, retains all elements of the hemp plant. This includes THC, which in significant dosage can create the infamous highs associated with hemp. Thankfully, even with full-spectrum CBD, the THC level is less than 0.3% and will have no material impact on your health.

Due to regulatory reasons, CBD products are marketed as food supplements as opposed to medical aids. However, research shows that CBD has a beneficial impact on:-

• Insomnia
• Pain relief
• Anxiety
• Skincare

The Lab:Nature CBD website contains a raft of information regarding dosage and usage for individual products. Whether an experienced CBD user or perhaps a recent convert, it is important that you take notice of the guidance on the website.

Product reviews

While the Lab:Nature website also contains supplements, vitamins and skincare products, today we will focus on the CBD goods. These include:-


You can buy broad-spectrum CBD oils through the Lab:Nature online store in varied strength. This is the company’s own unique formula, 100% natural with no GMO and regular third-party testing. The bottles come in CBD strengths of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. We know that many customers prefer traditional flavour CBD as opposed to the many flavours offered by other companies. However, this is down to personal preference.

CBD Honey

How does this sound? Unpasteurised unfiltered creamed European wildflower and forest honey, infused with organically grown hemp derived CBD. Aside from the many health benefits of honey we now have the added benefits of CBD. CBD oil is not only very easy on the palate but extremely healthy.

CBD capsules

Using the company’s online store, you can now buy full-spectrum CBD capsules which allow you to control your daily CBD intake. While there has been significant innovation across the sector, there is still very strong demand for simple CBD capsules.

Packaging and labelling

Lab:Nature operates a very strong eco-friendly policy from the initial purchase of high-grade hemp plant to the delivery of CBD products. The packaging is eye-catching and the labelling contains all of the information you require to use that product, with space left over. Quite how they have managed to get so much information on the packaging is something of a mystery!

TrustPilot rating

To be fair, with just 25 reviews on the TrustPilot page, it is still relatively early days but so far all reviews have been five-star. While the feedback has covered the full range of products, there has been specific mention of the CBD Honey on more than one occasion. It looks as though innovation is paying off for Lab:Nature and the company is being noticed by consumers.


There is no doubt that Lab Nature CBD is a quality product with the company fully buying into the philosophy and ethos surrounding high quality hemp plant based CBD. While CBD products are just part of the full range on the Lab:Nature website, all products are complimentary with significant opportunities for cross selling. The website itself is extremely easy to use with helpful headings and drop-down menus.

In recent times we have come across a number of companies entering the CBD market while already selling additional complimentary products. This seems to be a growing trend in the industry and one which Lab:Nature CBD has adopted.

While much of the current focus is on the CBD line, there is so much more to the Lab Nature website and product range than initially meets the eye. You won’t be disappointed!

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Lab Nature CBD Oil
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Honey
Lab Nature CBD