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Wisp CBD

Wisp CBD

The Wisp CBD business is based upon four core policies which include unparalleled quality, trustworthiness, price and specifically, the quality of the company’s CBD oil.

Promising to go above and beyond for all customers, the company operates a stack them high, sell them cheap policy for quality CBD products. The level of transparency and information made available to customers is impressive, continuous testing has gone down well but it is the quality of product which makes Wisp CBD stand out.

While some companies sit back and enjoy the praise from customers and the press, Wisp CBD takes a very different approach.

Constantly striving to improve services, create innovative products and above all ensure that supplies are always available, the company is going from strength to strength.

The ability to buy raw ingredients in bulk, at rock bottom prices, allows the company to remain extremely competitive right across-the-board.

Wisp CBD Oil
CBD Oil, CBD Skincare, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Vapes

Wisp CBD

There is a very impressive section on the website explaining why the company has created a product range around both isolate and broad-spectrum CBD. Those who follow the industry will be aware there are three different types of CBD, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Isolate CBD is a pure form of CBD, with all other ingredients from the hemp plant removed.

Broad-spectrum CBD includes all elements of the hemp plant with the exception of THC, the psychoactive element. Then we have full-spectrum CBD, which incorporates all elements of the hemp plant, including THC, although the level is minute at less than 0.3%.

Numerous medical reports have shown that all types of CBD have a positive impact on various ailments including:-

• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Skin care
• Pain relief

Whether you are a first-time convert to CBD, or perhaps you have used the product before, it is important to read up on the dosage and usage for each different product. This is clearly defined on every product page, graphical and in written form. Very helpful!

Product reviews

There is an impressive range of products on the Wisp CBD website which include oral drops, topicals, vape cartridges, raw CBD and hemp products.

CBD Oils

While you would expect CBD oils to come in a range of different strengths, would you have expected 18 different flavours? The range includes orange to cola, tangerine to peach, cotton candy to apple and much more - you won’t be disappointed!

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals include a range of different products including bath bombs, balm, face oil, eye cream, beard oil and age rewind. There really is something for everybody in this area of the CBD market, an area which has grown significantly in recent times. Check it out!

CBD Vape Cartridges

Those who follow the e-liquid and CBD markets will not be surprised to learn there is now CBD infused vaping cartridges. With names such as Amnesia, Lemon Haze, UK Cheese, OG Kush and Gelato, you won’t be disappointed.

Surely these two innovative ground-breaking industries must be the perfect match?

CBD Raw Products

It is now possible to purchase raw Wisp broad-spectrum and isolate CBD, in a number of different strengths. Again, akin to the topicals market, this is an area which has shown significant growth in recent times, surprising many people.

Packaging and labelling

The labelling and logo on Wisp CBD products is very distinct. The labels include all of the information needed regarding dosage and usage per product. Surprisingly, there is no mention of recycled materials or environmentally friendly policies but maybe this is now a given in the industry?

TrustPilot rating

While still relatively early days for the Wisp CBD TrustPilot page, the company currently has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

A staggering 94% of those who responded gave the company a five star rating and there are some impressive comments. Feedback is as much focused on customer service as it is on the products, which bodes well for the future. Whether we see any material change in the current rating remains to be seen as feedback builds up going forward.


The whole concept of Wisp CBD is focused around the ability to buy isolate and broad-spectrum CBD in bulk, creating high quality products which are tested on a regular basis and sold at affordable prices.

At first glance, the website looks fairly basic but comes alive when you look at the individual product sections. The images, the detail and the guidance are very impressive as is the amount of educational material on the website.

Free delivery on products under £20, same day dispatch before 3 pm and a loyalty scheme, together with independent lab testing, Wisp CBD really does have its finger on the pulse. We can assume that the company must have huge storage facilities to accommodate bulk buying of high quality CBD and the products formulated.

There is a lot more to the Wisp CBD website and product range than first meets the eye!

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Wisp CBD Oil
CBD Oil, CBD Skincare, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Vapes