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Hoil Naturals

HOIL Naturals CBD

HOIL Naturals, a refreshing addition to the CBD oil space. The CBD industry tends to consist of companies which are either experts in CBD or passionate about well-being and general health.

Very rarely do they bring industry experts and those with genuine passion together, however, HOIL Naturals has broken this mould. The founders also take a proactive approach to the industry, learning and adapting as different trends emerge.

The HOIL Naturals website details the full process, from growing high quality hemp to extracting CBD and creating full-spectrum products. While many companies like to retain control of the whole process, few have succeeded to the extent seen by HOIL Natural. Their knowledge is self-evident on the website, the process is listed in minute detail and you can tell they have a genuine interest in the industry. Now, what exactly do they have on offer?

Hoil Naturals CBD
Hoil Naturals

HOIL Naturals CBD

With some CBD companies it can be difficult to find exactly what type of hemp they use, but with HOIL Natural it is the first thing you see on the website - full-spectrum CBD. Those who have looked into the industry will be aware there are three different types of CBD, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. The isolate CBD consists of pure CBD, broad-spectrum CBD retain all elements with the exception of THC while full-spectrum retains everything including THC.

For clarity, the level of THC in full-spectrum CBD is less than 0.3% and therefore the psychoactive side-effects are removed. There are numerous studies and research into the benefits of CBD, which is shown to help with:-

• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Skincare
• Pain relief

Studies also show that full-spectrum CBD, which retains all elements of the original hemp plant, enhances these benefits. Now we know the benefits of CBD, let’s take a look at the products available through the HOIL Natural website.

Product reviews

While many CBD companies have expanded away from the traditional CBD oil products, HOIL Natural has taken a very different approach. The company is extremely focused, selling only three different types of CBD oil which are:-

HOIL Naturals Calm CBD oil

This particular CBD oil is targeted at those who want to experience calm and relaxation throughout the day. Using a mixture of CBD oil and terpenes not only will you experience relaxation throughout the day but this CBD oil will also assist with better sleeping patterns. There are two strengths, 600 mg and 1200 mg per bottle, which equates to 5 mg and 10 mg per recommended dose.

HOIL Naturals Original CBD oil

The HOIL Natural Original CBD oil provides a general mix of the various CBD benefits to assist with relaxation, stress and general well-being. The use of CBD together with selected terpenes has been shown to enhance the base benefits of CBD. The original CBD oil comes in two different strengths, 600 mg and 1200 mg which equates to 5 mg and 10 mg per dose, as detailed on the website.

HOIL Naturals Relief CBD oil

While the HOIL Natural Relief CBD oil also provides the base benefits of CBD, it is mixed with terpenes and cannabinoids to focus on energising and recharging your body. The mix of ingredients has also been shown to assist with muscle relaxation and regeneration. The recommended dose is two per day, which equates to 5 mg of CBD with the 600 mg variation and 10 mg with the 1200 mg oil.

Packaging and labelling

Even though there is no specific mention of recycled materials or the environment, the company is based on pure natural products. All of the hemp plants are free of heavy metals and pesticides, cultivated in a responsible manner and then quality checked by independent third parties. As with the product range, the actual packaging and labelling is brief and to the point, telling you everything you need to know about individual products.

Hoil CBD Customer feedback

Unfortunately, at this point in time there is no TrustPilot page although there is some client feedback on the website. The limited feedback available is very positive, making specific mention of not only the products but also the company’s high standard of customer service. No doubt further feedback will emerge in due course but it is definitely a case of sofar so good, with HOIL Natural ticking all of the boxes.


It is refreshing and interesting to see HOIL Naturals effectively revert back to the original make-up of the CBD industry, CBD oils. The selection of focused oils covers a significant range of different medical benefits which are discussed in detail on the product pages.

HOIL Naturals is ethical when it comes to growing and cultivating hemp, focused in the retail market and offers customers additional advice and guidance about CBD in general.

While it would have been useful to have more client feedback, perhaps via a third party website, there is more than enough detail online to make your mind up. This is a company which incorporates leading industry experts and a genuine passion for the benefits of CBD oil, in relation to client well-being.

While choice is certainly good for consumers, at times it can be confusing. The focused approach taken by HOIL Naturals is different but will appeal to many customers.

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Hoil Naturals CBD
Hoil Naturals