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Kiara Naturals

Kiara Naturals co-founders Boaz “Bobo” Lehman and Oren Landa have built a fascinating company selling CBD products.

Kia Naturals CBD Oil
CBD Oil, CBP Capsules, CBD Balms, CBD Vapes
Kiara Naturals

Based in the Swiss Alps the company grows, extracts and formulates almost all of the certified organic hemp they use. The mission is simple, to provide potent, high-quality products that maximise the evidence-based therapeutic natural remedies provided by CBD.

The products are GMO free, free of pesticides, heavy metals and artificial fertilisers and all certified via third-party testing. The dream began in 2005, when Boaz “Bobo” Lehman witnessed the immense power of CBD and other plant-based products.

Described as passionate alternative therapists, there is no doubt that the two founders have created a modern day company based on a back to basics approach to medicine. Fascinating!

Kiara Naturals CBD

Those who have researched the CBD market will be aware there are three different types, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Isolate consists of pure CBD, broad-spectrum has everything except THC while full-spectrum retains all elements of the hemp plant. There have been a number of scientific research projects into the benefits of CBD, show to assistance with:-

• Skin rehydration
• Pain relief
• Inflammation
• Insomnia
• Anxiety

All of the Kiara Naturals CBD products are based on full-spectrum CBD which is known to enhance the general benefits of CBD in relation to pain, relief and anti-inflammatory treatment. There are many rumours and untruths regarding the CBD industry, therefore it is important to set the record straight.

While full-spectrum CBD retains all of the elements of the hemp plant, including THC, the psychoactive element is under 0.3%. Consequently, this removes the psychoactive effects of hemp, the so-called “high”, while enhancing the health benefits. It is important to reiterate that all of these products are fully tested, abide by current strict regulations and have no uncomfortable side-effects. So, what products does Kiara Naturals provide?

Product reviews

The Kiara Naturals online shop offers an interesting option; you can buy by product type or shop by goal. For example, you can look at products which will help with pain relief, anxiety, sleep, skin, recovery or everyday health. Very helpful!

CBD Oils

The CBD oils come in a range of strengths, 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% with very clear and concise instructions and a list of ingredients. There is also a useful list of ailments which these CBD products can help with such as stress, sleep, chronic pain, etc.

CBD Tincture

Tinctures are liquid herbal extracts which are used to tackle a number of health based issues. Each 100 ml bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD together with additional extracts from five plants commonly related to assisting pain relief, sleep issues and promoting relaxation.

CBD Topicales

While much of the focus tends to be on CBD oils, CBD topicales/creams is certainly a growing market with particular emphasis on muscles and joints and skincare/rehydration. The product pages are packed with key ingredients, which particular ailments they will assist with and the optimal dosages.

CBD Capsules

While many people prefer CBD oils there is growing demand for simple CBD capsules. Whether looking for a brain or body boost, or perhaps to enhance your immunity system, there are some interesting options. Many people take these capsules with their morning brew to give them a good start to the day.

CBD Vapes

When you put together the innovative world of vaping and the up-and-coming world of CBD products, CBD vapes were the inevitable outcome. This is an extremely strong and growing part of the CBD market, one which is attracting significant interest.

Immunity Kit

While not CBD based, the Kiara Naturals website offers a very interesting immunity kit as a means of boosting your immunity system. This contains an array of proven ingredients known to assist with fighting respiratory infections and boosting your immune system in general.

Packaging and labelling

While the Kiara Naturals brand is extremely strong, offering a natural, transparent and focused approach to CBD products, the packaging and labelling is understated while being clear and concise. There are instructions on the bottle as well as each individual product page, helping customers to maximise the benefits. Even though there is no specific mention of recycled packaging, and helping the environment, the company’s focus on giving back to the community confirms a holistic approach to medicine.

Customer feedback

Even though there is no TrustPilot account as yet, there are literally hundreds of customer reviews on the website. Even though some people are sceptical of on-site customer feedback, average ratings range from 4.5 out of five to a five star rating. It is obvious the company is focused on not only the products but also presentation, packaging and overall customer services. This shows through as clear as day with honest customer reviews.


It is not difficult to see that Kiara Naturals is built on solid foundations with particular focus on control of the ingredients and in-house production of all CBD products. Where ingredients need to be outsourced, the company trades with other family businesses, building strong long-term relationships. This element of trust and transparency together with comprehensive third-party lab testing, sits perfectly with the company’s focus on alternative therapy.

There’s no doubt that Kiara Naturals offers a range of quality products, taking in everything from CBD oils to capsules, topicales to vapes and more. Where some companies make the brand front and centre, Kiara Naturals allows its products to speak for themselves.

Kiara Naturals is benefiting from this refreshing approach to CBD products, with detailed blogs, frequently asked questions and an array of additional reading available for those looking for more detail. Perfect!

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Kia Naturals CBD Oil
CBD Oil, CBP Capsules, CBD Balms, CBD Vapes
Kiara Naturals