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ISO CBD's founders have taken a slightly different approach to the CBD market, focusing purely on isolate CBD.

The company was started by Arif Rhemu and Qais Hammad in 2019, with Arif having been a user of CBD products since 2018. Recognising the natural health benefits, ISO CBD was born with a scientific approach to product development and a different perspective on production.

The company has created a unique approach to the formulation process. This increases the dispersion rate and bioavailability by up to 7 times. Incorporating a range of different flavours, the company is looking to bring the health benefits of CBD to the mass market.

In the early days, there was as much focus on educating people about the benefits of CBD as on promoting products. This is a refreshing consumer-driven approach, which is proving beneficial.

CBD Oils, CBD Capsules


As we discussed above, ISO CBD focuses on isolate CBD as opposed to broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. To expand on this subject, isolate CBD consists of pure CBD with all other elements of the hemp plant removed. Broad spectrum CBD includes all elements of the hemp plant, except for THC. Full-spectrum contains THC, the psychoactive ingredient associated with highs, but in minute volumes of less than 0.3%. While some people avoid full-spectrum CBD because of its THC content, it is safe, and there is no chance of experiencing a high.

Turning now to the benefits of CBD, we know they are sold as food supplements, but there is evidence to suggest they can assist with:-

• Pain relief
• Skincare
• Anxiety
• Insomnia

As you can see from the ISO CBD website, there is detailed information about the ingredients, dosage and safe use. In addition, independent lab reports are also available on the website, which further clarify the safety of CBD.

Product reviews

The range of ISO CBD products focuses on oils and tinctures, tablets and soft gels. This has allowed ISO CBD to perfect these products, offering them in various bundle packages. In addition, the company has promised to expand the range into topicals and cosmetics in 2022, and we await developments with anticipation.

CBD Oils

ISO CBD oils come in various flavours, including vanilla, lemon and natural, and a bottle size of 30 ml. The CBD strength ranges from 17 mg up to 67 mg per 1 mL, with instructions and guidance on each product page.

CBD Capsules

Recently, there has been a significant increase in demand for CBD capsules, something ISO CBD appreciates. The company offers a one-time purchase or a discounted subscription for its CBD soft gels. Each tablet contains 30 mg of CBD, which is half the recommended maximum daily dosage.

CBD Bundles and Subscriptions

Those new to CBD oils will likely buy individual bottles while finding their feet. However, the website has several bundle packages once you have found your preferred strength and flavour. In addition, those looking for a regular supply of their favourite CBD products can subscribe to monthly deliveries, which is perfect for those who are maybe prone to forget to reorder or have limited time.

Packaging and labelling

The branding and packaging for ISO CBD products is straightforward but creates a surprisingly strong brand. The white labels and white bottles against the blue logo work well, and the labelling is informative and to the point. While there is no specific mention of recyclable materials, the fact that the labelling and packaging are minimal is a positive.

Customer feedback

Currently, there is no TrustPilot page for ISO CBD, but a number of Google reviews suggest a perfect five out of five. The different flavours have gone down well with customers, and many are impressed with the customer service. While there are only 21 reviews at the moment, it is a case of so far so good, although we would prefer to see more.


Even though opinion is divided as to whether isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD is better, ISO CBD is focused on isolate CBD. It is obvious that care and attention have been taken when setting up the company and finalising the range of products. Personal use before the formation of the business in 2019 has created a solid base on which the company continues to prosper.

Mixing innovation with a focused product range has caught the attention of CBD enthusiasts. The product range is slowly growing, with premium topicals and cosmetics expected in 2022. This focused approach helps avoid mishaps and confusion and allows the company to educate customers as we advance. A mix of quality products, an easy-to-use website and a raft of information regarding CBD use has been well received by customers.

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CBD Oils, CBD Capsules