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Provacan CBD

Provacan CBD's Founder and CEO Clifton Flack lives and breathes the cannabis industry with a passion for cannabis-based health solutions.

Provacan is part of the enormous CiiTECH company, a leader in CBD products, working with the world's leading scientists, biotech companies and industry experts. As a result, the company is at the cutting edge of innovation, a reason the founder believes that so many customers return and new ones join the fold.

The quality of hemp plants used is exemplary, and the refining process incorporates the latest innovation. Provacan is very proactive when it comes to selecting hemp crops and cultivation, creating one of the leading CBD product ranges on the market today.

The genuine passion of the founder and ongoing partnerships with industry experts has created the perfect blend.

Provocan CBD Gummies
CBD Oil, CBD Balms, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD Vapes
Provacan CBD

Provacan CBD

Those who follow the CBD industry will be well aware there are three different variations, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Provacan uses full-spectrum hemp extracts in their CBD products which incorporate all elements of the hemp plant, including THC.

However, while this is the psychoactive element of the hemp plant, the amount is minute at less than 0.3%. Consequently, full-spectrum CBD is perfectly safe, and you will not experience any type of high - often associated with cannabis use.

While CBD products are marketed as food supplements, there is evidence to suggest they assist with:-

• Pain relief
• Skincare
• Anxiety
• Insomnia

Research has also shown that full-spectrum CBD provides help with the above medical conditions and enhances the impact compared to isolate and broad-spectrum CBD. However, it is essential to remain aware of each product's dosage advice and instructions.

Product reviews

The Provacan online shop contains a vast range of CBD products from oils to gummies, capsules to e-liquid, vape to topical, and some isolate products. There are also bundles and subscription options for many CBD products. Impressive!

CBD Oils

A broad range of CBD oils is available from a relatively light strength up to 24%, with many products also available in spray form. We have yet to see such a broad range of products, and there are also 0% CBD oils in the shape of terpene oils.

CBD Topical

While the CBD oil market still leads the way, the range of CBD topical products has grown significantly in recent months. There are all types of CBD balm, moisturiser, age control cream, and shampoo.

CBD Gummies

While some people prefer CBD oils and others look towards topical products, there remains a genuine and robust interest in CBD Gummies. Available in various flavours, the traditional strength is around 10 mg per gummy. You won’t be sharing these sweets with your friends!

CBD Vape

Vaping and CBD products seem to go hand-in-hand with many CBD-related vaping products available today. For example, the Provacan online shop includes a range of night and day vapepods with detailed instructions about their use.

This is just a small selection of the products available in the Provacan online CBD product store, a store which is proving to be extremely popular!

Packaging and labelling

The packaging with Provacan CBD products is certainly not excessive, but there is no specific mention of recycled materials or the environment. On the flip side, when seeking the highest quality hemp plants, we know that the company is aware of the environment and an advocate for natural growth.

Consequently, the raw materials used in Provacan CBD are not grown with pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.

TrustPilot rating

As you would expect from a company with a passionate founder and minute attention to detail, the TrustPilot rating for Provacan is an average of 4.6 out of five, from approaching 2000 reviews. Provacan CBD received an excellent review from 85% of customers, with particular mention of the products and customer service.


Provacan is a company with a passionate founder and a massive appetite for formulating and retailing quality CBD products. The attention to detail is impressive, the range of products is fantastic, and the customer feedback on TrustPilot says everything.

This is a company that continues to go from strength to strength, using only quality hemp plants and the most efficient extraction and formulation processes.

The website is a maze of different products and strengths, with some non-CBD products that you may find helpful. There is also a blog, frequently asked questions page, and a quiz to ensure you get the best out of Provacan CBD products.

Forward-thinking, innovative and with a vast range of products, it is not difficult to see why Provacan CBD is doing very well.

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Provocan CBD Gummies
CBD Oil, CBD Balms, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD Vapes
Provacan CBD