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Savage Cabbage

Savage Cabbage

Savage Cabbage offers a fascinating back story having been founded as a community source for quality CBD, then expanding into a company with regular customers in 40 different countries.

Savage Cabbage Hemp Extract
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, CBD Gummies
Savage Cabbage

Interestingly, the founders of Savage Cabbage have managed to maintain the family/community spirit within the business and drive forward using the company’s core values.

The vision is to harmonise the connection between humans and natural healthcare. The mission, to become a trusted provider of hemp, natural health and wellness with a promise that they are more than just a retailer, they care about their customers.

Central to these core values is the belief that Mother Nature has the potential to improve quality of life not just lifestyle. This is a fascinating story of a small community operation which morphed into a company which has gone international!

Savage Cabbage CBD

One of the main challenges for the industry has been educating the wider public on the benefits of CBD and debunking many historical and quite frankly wrong, myths. Those who follow the industry will be aware there are three different types of CBD, isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum which offer a variation on the base hemp plant.

The isolate variation is pure CBD, with all other hemp extracts filtered out. Broad-spectrum includes all elements of the hemp plant with the exception of THC, the psychoactive element which can bring about highs in large doses. Savage Cabbage uses full spectrum CBD which incorporates all elements of the hemp plant, including THC. However, THC makes up less than 0.3% of the CBD, within the legal limit, and will not bring about any type of high.

Even though CBD products are marketed as food supplements, there are numerous medical reports suggesting they can help with an array of issues such as:-

• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Inflammation
• Skincare
• Pain relief

There is also research to show that full-spectrum CBD, the type used in Savage Cabbage products, can enhance the medical benefits listed above. It is important to reiterate, that while full-spectrum CBD includes an element of THC, this is minute and will not bring about any high. So, what products does Savage Cabbage have to offer?

Product reviews

When you visit the Savage Cabbage website you will notice the majority of products are from a company called Charlotte’s Web. Originally formed in the US, this company offers complimentary CBD products to the Savage Cabbage CBD oil range with the combination proving very popular. Indeed, it was Charlotte’s Web CBD products which prompted the founder of Savage Cabbage to start the business.

The combined range of products includes:-

CBD Oils

The selection of combined CBD oils, taking in Savage Cabbage and Charlotte’s Web, offers a range of CBD strengths and flavours from original to mint chocolate, orange blossom and lemon twist. These are all exceptionally high quality CBD products with a raft of information about ingredients and dosage on each product page.

CBD Capsules

The Savage Cabbage website offers a range of CBD capsules which are proving to be extremely popular. While many choose flavoured oils and other CBD products, there is growing demand for plain CBD capsules. Many people choose to take CBD capsules with their early morning brew, a great way to start the day!

CBD Gummies

While the CBD gummies section is made up of Charlotte’s Web products, this is a very interesting selection! The CBD strength ranges from 10 mg to 15 mg per sweet with a number of flavours including lemon lime, raspberry lime, lemon berry and ginger. Many people have turned onto the idea of perfectly safe CBD infused sweets. Especially popular with those who have a sweet tooth!

CDB Topicals

When it comes to skin care, there are numerous medical reports which suggest that CBD is beneficial in many different ways. Consequently, the Savage Cabbage site offers a range of CBD topicals which include infused balm, roll-on, cooling gel and cream. For those looking for more information, there is an in-depth analysis of the benefits of CBD on the Savage Cabbage website.

Packaging and labelling

The majority products on the Savage Cabbage website are made up of the Charlotte’s Web brand, which originated in the US. It is evident that Savage Cabbage is committed to providing products which are at one with nature, devoid of pesticides and other man-made pollutants. While there is no mention of recycled materials, the packaging is fairly minimalistic and the labelling extremely informative.

TrustPilot rating

While the range of products on the Savage Cabbage site is predominantly from the Charlotte’s Web brand, the overall TrustPilot feedback is amazing. There are 818 reviews with an average score of 4.8 out of five, very impressive! There is specific mention about the quality of the products on sale as well as many references to the high standard of customer service. The number of satisfied customers continues to grow with 94% posting a five star rating.


The two founders of Savage Cabbage started the company with just £500, building it into an international brand with over 5000 customers. Created out of the frustration experienced when looking for quality CBD products in the UK, 2016 saw the birth of the business.

Having found an impressive range of CBD products in the US, namely Charlotte’s Web CBD, this brand provides the foundations for the success of Savage Cabbage.

The range of products is focused, yet offers something for everybody, and the attention to detail on product pages is impressive. Customer service is mentioned time and time again in many of the five-star ratings on the TrustPilot website and it is safe to say the company is set for further growth.

Like many other successful CBD companies in the UK, the personal story of the founders resonates with consumers, giving that human touch and debunking many of the historic myths surrounding CBD products.

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Savage Cabbage Hemp Extract
CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, CBD Gummies
Savage Cabbage